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Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: When Your Boiler Needs Services

Do you know how to tell when your boiler needs services? Maintenance, repair, and replacement are all necessary at some point in your boiler’s lifetime, and there are many factors that play a part in determining what you need and when. 

Boilers come in many different shapes and sizes. The kind you select plays a huge role in your experience. For instance, yours may be operated via electrical energy, solar power, or fossil fuels, such as natural gas. Your boiler might be a relatively simple affair or include advanced energy-saving functionality. It can also vary in terms of essential factors like how it stores and delivers water.


Did you know you should have boiler maintenance completed once a year? Many homeowners don’t know that you should have your boiler flushed annually, as well as have your anode rod checked to help minimize the risk of tank corrosion and irreversible damage. Having your systems checked and serviced regularly can save you a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money later on! 

Boilers are an essential part of our everyday lives. We often utilize them without consciously realizing it, and we don’t think about maintaining them until a problem occurs. Just like with every other appliance, however, boilers can experience wear and tear over the years, and it is essential to keep up with regular maintenance in order to extend the lifetime of your unit. 

Regular maintenance is the key to ensure the longevity of your unit’s lifespan. With A & L Services, you have nothing to lose by calling our experts today to schedule a consultation. If you suspect that your boiler is leaking or just it’s just that time of year again, give us a call.


Regular maintenance can help discover parts of your boiler that may need repair. Catching these things early on can help to avoid them becoming major issues in the future. By having a professional from A & L Services perform maintenance consistently, you are trusting the experts, who will be able to fix any issues as they find them. Better yet, by having us complete any boiler repair projects, you know that your boiler continues to be in good hands. 


If your boiler seems to be working far less effectively than you need it to, and maintenance and repair do not seem to be doing the trick, then it may be time to move forward with a full replacement of your unit. A boiler that takes way too long to fulfill its duties, or one that only does them on occasion, is a boiler that needs to go. 

Another reason that your boiler may be on the chopping blog is due to its age. Boilers are only in their prime for about a decade or just a little longer, so if yours is past its ideal lifespan, even if things seem to be operating smoothly so far, it may be a good idea to at least start looking into your replacement options. 

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A & L Boiler Services

If you are unsure whether you need maintenance, repair, or replacement, or you simply need assistance with getting any of these options done, A & L Services can help. Our boiler experts are ready and able to assist with any of your boiler concerns or needs. No need to search for “boiler replacement services near me” or “boiler maintenance & repair near me,” simply get in touch with us today!