Terms and Conditions

A & L Services U.K. Ltd – Heating & Plumbing Terms and Conditions

Validity of Quotation

Estimates are valid for 3 months from the date specified on any written quotation / estimate. 

Unforseen Works

Whilst every effort has been made to provide a quotation that is as accurate as possible, there may be unforeseen problems that will need to be addressed during the works. Should any of these issues arise, we will discuss all options and additional costs with you before continuing.

Customer Supplied Materials

We would usually supply materials using our recognised and trusted merchants. However, if you have chosen to purchase your own materials, we will expect you to be responsible for following up on any short delivered or damaged products. If this results in standing time for the engineer, their time will be charged to you at the rate of £40ph. 

Start Dates

A start date will be arranged on acceptance of our quote but, occasionally there may be circumstances beyond our control (eg; weather, delays by other trades) that cause this date to be altered. In the event of this being the case, we will contact you to agree a change to the start date.

Payment Schedule

Whilst most works do not require a deposit, all works involving supply and labour over a cost of £1000 require a 50% deposit when the order is agreed and prior to the start of the works. This will be invoiced and the remaining 50% will be further invoiced and payable on completion of the works. 


Payments are to be made on completion of the works and on receipt of the invoice unless alternative terms have been agreed. Payment should be paid by BACCs but can also be paid by cheque, or credit card on arrangement. 

Unpaid Invoices

When an invoice has been left unpaid beyond its due date, a reminder invoice will be sent. Following further non-payment, administration costs of £15.00 and late payment fees of 8% per month will be added to the balance. We also use a debt collecting agency when necessary.

Site Preparation

Prior to the works starting on the agreed date, all working areas must be cleared allowing us to complete the works safely and in a timely manner. If large items cannot be removed, please advise and alternative arrangements can be made.

Customer Complaints

We pride ourselves on our quality of work and workmanship but if you have any problems with the work completed, please contact Alan Watson  on  07789 482013 to discuss.

By accepting the quotation, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

We look forward to working with you.